Good morning! I had decided last week that I would set my writing aside for the holidays…my son is off for his winter break, we have family coming, the baking, the celebrating. When would there be a quiet moment to write?

Well! (there’s always a “well,” lol) As I sat on the couch Saturday morning, I looked over at my Christmas tree and…had the most wonderful idea for the last line of a ghostly story, as the spirit/entity slowly reaches out its hand to place an ornament back on a tree. The story built itself, creepy as heck, and is now outlined on my computer. I set everything aside once again and spent the day wrapping presents, making chocolate cheesecake, cleaning and getting ready for today.

Well! (part 2, lol) As I drove my daughter to work this morning, telling her about the story I had outlined, my mind went on a complete tangent. A new character emerged. Christina. And a darker, creepier story emerged, ready to be written…and it takes place over the holidays. I do believe Black, from A Step Into Darkness and Shifting to Black, may be making another appearance. I’m not quite sure if this will be within the series itself, but I do know it is set in the same area as the other books. Christina’s house is on Wilson Avenue, which was mentioned in Shifting to Black. Hmmm. There’s something evil boiling just out of sight and trying to surface. I can’t wait to write it!

So much for putting my writing aside for the holidays. I think as Book 3 is waiting, my mind is churning. This is great and I’m so excited. I’m not sure if these ideas will turn into full novels, novellas or short stories, but we’ll let the characters decide.

Here’s to a healthy, happy and creepy end of 2018, with more of the same on the way in 2019!

Stay spooky,


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