Hey, all! Well, the holidays are over and it’s back to work writing.

For those of you not familiar with A Step Into Darkness and Shifting to Black, there has been a dark entity terrorizing those who have come into contact with an old, abandoned asylum and a particular Ouija board. More than terrorizing, actually, with some possession and a bit of death thrown into the mix.

I’ve had a few readers ask about the mysterious ring with the initials JPB (which has “rolled through” the first two books), what’s up with the spirit that Amanda sensed outside of the “murder house” and will Caesar, Jack’s beloved cat, be back? Ahh… Let me tell you… the ring is back, and explained, in the third book. You’ll also find out more about that little girl spirit in the pale dress who turns up in the most interesting places. She has an unexpected tie to one of the main characters. It surprised me when that thread unraveled and wove itself into a few other background threads, binding a few characters together forever. Caesar, that wonderful animal who has a distaste for almost anything ghostly (almost!), will be around, and…  AND… my faithful readers will discover how Black, the dark entity, made his way to this realm.

I just had to share this with you all. Now…it’s time to return to my desk and get to work. If you’ve got any questions, or comments, feel free to shoot them to me. Until then… stay spooky.


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