Hey, all!

Oh, it’s been a while, but I’m back and can’t wait to let you know about more ghostly goings-on. If you’ve kept up with my prior posts, my presentation at the I-84 Diner in Fishkill went really well. I had decided to speak about my experiences with the paranormal that led me to becoming an investigator and how these experiences  have influenced my writing. As many of you know, I keep a journal of all the unusual and unexplained things that take place in my life. I’ve done this for the last 30-plus years and I was able to share many of my favorite encounters with those attending the paranormal meetup. It was hosted by Ghost Magnets with a Twist (you can find their group, and information about the monthly meetups, on their Facebook page). Here’s a clip of one of their posts about the evening:


It was absolutely an enjoyable time and I even sold a few of my books. 🙂  Always a plus.

In the meantime, I’ve been working tirelessly on Book 3, (still need a title, guys…aargh!), going deeply into the background and life story of James (a.k.a. J.P.) Borden, the original caretaker of the asylum. He lost his mother while he was a small child and his father forever blamed him for her death. This set the stage for his superstitious and fearful life, and his endless desire to become “un-cursed” (“If he had more luck, Momma wouldn’t have died.”) His father is a bitter anchor around his neck and his only true ray of sunshine is his daughter. But is she truly his? Finally driven to rid himself of his father, J.P.  follows the advice given to him by…someone…through the Ouija board he found at a yard sale. This can’t, and won’t, end well to say the least.

Sneak peek/possible spoilers: If you’ve read the first two books in the series, you’ll be happy (I hope) to see Jack make an appearance. Joe (the poor, tortured and tormented soul that he is) also isn’t far, and isn’t dealing very well with his death. Caesar is doing well and the ever-present ring’s history falls into place. And Mabel? Well… she’s still around. You’ll find out a bit more about her, “back in the day,” too.

As I ponder plot threads, I find myself picking up my paints more and more often. It seems to quiet and clear my mind. These are my latest.

Ah, but the snow is melting now and there are paranormal investigations on the horizon. I am hoping to get Book 3 out by mid-summer. Real life stepped in and slowed my progress some, as it can sometimes. I will, however, endeavor to get more regular blog posts up…with updates on Book 3, our investigations and the activity that’s been kicking up again in my house. Oh? Didn’t I mention that? Well. That’s for my next blog.

Stay spooky!



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