Morning, All! I’m trying to type this with a cat across one arm. He seems to think his desires (pets, cuddles, more pets) are more important than what I have to say. Hmm.

A quick update of what’s been going on writing-wise. 🙂  Book 3 is moving along pretty well now. I’ve got the first 70 pages written, with an insane amount of notes that take the story through to the end. Very exciting. I love this stage almost as much as when it’s finished and sitting in front of me. Almost.

While I paused to consider the actions of a couple of the characters (a lot of them are stepping forward, wanting their personal stories told), I painted. This one took a while, but I’m really liking the effect. I initially thought I would darken up the tombstone, but then the bird wouldn’t “pop” as much.


And then, I was struck by an idea for what I thought would make an interesting short story. This has progressed…although it still should remain a short story…but it has woven itself into Amanda’s backstory. For those of you who haven’t gotten to Shifting to Black yet, Amanda is a ghost hunter with rather interesting sensitivities. She returns in the third book in the series and you’ll get glimpses of this backstory. When the entire short story is finished, I’m considering posting it as an “extra” to those who follow this blog. Of course I’ll keep you updated as I go.

Mabel also returns in Book 3. How could she not? 🙂 Driving this morning, a wonderfully dark idea hit me and I’m in the midst of writing a dream sequence for her that will delight, possibly terrify, and keep you on the edge of your seat as you move toward the final scenes. What is she searching for and why is Black the obstacle in her path???

Who dies? It seems someone always does. Or more than a few someones. Or…they already are dead. But that’s enough for now. I’d hate to post spoilers.

As for my paranormal investigations…they are on the horizon, but much closer now. Weather permitting, we’ll be out on May 5th and I’ll let you know what we find. I can’t wait!

Stay spooky,


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