Well, happy fall! I know,…it’s been a while since I wrote last and I promised I’d be here more often, but (!!) I have been diligently working on Invitation to Darkness (book 3 in the series). Although it’s not going to hit the release date goal of Halloween, it should be out shortly thereafter. I’ll definitely keep you updated on the progress.

The bigger news, however, is that I’m investigating again! It’s been a long time since we pulled together and got out into the field for some serious investigations and I missed it terribly. This week the team has already been out twice, spending time at two local locations – I’ll be disclosing more information once we’ve gone through the evidence review. I can tell you that we already have two Class A EVP’s from the first location. I was really surprised when I began listening to our audio recording and 19 seconds in was our first, incredibly distinct, EVP. It was a man’s voice and every word he said is CLEAR. I’m hoping to put it up on Sullivan Paranormal’s Facebook page once we have everything examined.

So, bear with me. I do plan (I swear!) on having a more regular presence here. At the moment, it’s late nights of investigating and early mornings of evidence review and working on the book. Oh, and real life sneaks in at times. ūüôā

Stay spooky,


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