Hello, again!

I’ve been insanely busy lately and loving it. Sullivan Paranormal has been working double time between investigating and evidence review. Aside from a cemetery with an amazing history (going back to the Revolutionary War era) and EVP’s that stunned us, we were brought in to investigate a building steeped in local history. Although I can’t reveal the location, it was a private investigation, I can share that while there we recorded the sing-song voice of a child at play and a man’s voice commenting multiple times as investigators walked one of the staircases. We already have plans to return this winter to focus on the areas that were most active. We would love to discover who the children are and why they and the man are still residing in the building after so many years.

While still in evidence review of the above investigation, we were able to set a date to investigate the Rivoli Theatre in South Fallsburg, NY. Over the years, many people had mentioned to me that they felt the building was haunted. Reports of activity in various parts of the theater, people hearing their names called and even a tug on someone’s hair, were listed in experiences at the theater. Well, on November 9th, Sullivan Paranormal conducted a short, but fruitful, investigation. At one point, we had numerous battery drains (fresh batteries died and were replaced with new batteries, only to die again within twenty minutes), equipment malfunctions (which were working again after we were out of the area), and comments by unseen entities about the energy drains. We’ve gone through all the audio recordings at this point and are finishing up reviewing the video. It does take a while as we were running five cameras throughout the building and each recording gets scrutinized. Once we have everything set, and have gone over it with the Rivoli staff, we’ll be posting our findings on Sullivan Paranormal’s Facebook page. I’ll post some highlights here, too. I will say that this was one of my favorite investigations. The activity is amazing.

Last, but never least, I am much closer to finishing Invitation to Darkness. It is mostly set, with a few parts still handwritten on sheets of paper across my desk. The major climax is waiting…and I know exactly what’s happening there. Stay tuned… it’s all in the works… and this one ties EVERYTHING together. I love it…and I hope you will, too. I’ll keep you updated as it gets finished, beta read and a publication date is established.

Stay spooky,


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