Good morning!

For all you curious peeps, here’s a quick glimpse into book 4…

As Park (remember him?) is on a mission to find Black’s board and destroy it, a small, tow-haired boy moves into the house next door to Amanda. A very knowledgeable little boy. And knowledge isn’t always a good thing.

In the meantime, Black has pulled R. Wayne McCready (does that name ring any bells, you die- hard fans?) from his grave… well, I’ll let you wonder why. Just know you should never make any deals with a demon. They always collect.

…and there you have it. Or at least a small piece of it. I hope you’re intrigued because I am having a blast with it. And, yes, I do have a vision of how this one will end. I know who will make it and who,… well,… you know the drill. Enjoy!

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