Good morning, All! Spring is here (almost) and the majority of the snow in upstate N.Y. has melted. Now, everything is muddy, but I can deal with that. I wanted to use this morning to update everyone on some paranormal happenings. First of all, the team:

Left to right: Nicole, Darren, myself (Barb Shadow), Howard

Working with these three is amazing. Nicole is very sensitive to things unseen. She joined the team with a vast knowledge of the paranormal. Darren is our resident skeptic, but with an open mind and many “unexplained” experiences throughout his life. He brings the team an expertise in debunking. Howard had been looking for a team with the same professional and respectful code of conduct he believed necessary in this field. He found us. Not only does he have a background in investigation, but also in tech and videography. And, well, you know me. Each member of Sullivan Paranormal brings a unique perspective and set of skills that mesh incredibly well with every other person on the team.

As for investigations, we have five on the calendar. A sixth may be set after this afternoon as we are meeting with a man regarding the ghostly activity he’s been having at his inn. The location has a fascinating history dating back to the late 19th century. At the very least, we will be having coffee and chatting about ghosts. What could be better? Well, scheduling an investigation, but I’ll get back to you on that. We also have a lead on a potentially haunted boarding house…and have been told to give a call whenever we can pencil in a date for the investigation. Sullivan Paranormal has never been busier! It’s fabulous. Oh, and then there are the two abandoned buildings I’m working to get in…they may need to wait until renovations have continued long enough for them to be officially deemed safe (safety is always a priority). We all know what renovations can do when there are spirits involved… but that’s farther down the road. Perhaps in the fall.

Equipment-wise, we’ve expanded a bit. Four more cameras are on their way for my DVR system, with much longer cords. We’ll have the ability to run eight cameras, each up to more than 150′-200′, making these larger locations more accessible video-wise. I’m so excited!

Oh, and did I mention I just printed out the first fifty pages of Book 4, Touched by Darkness? I guess I didn’t. But I’ll save that for the next blog.

Stay spooky.


P.S. Look for us next month in the Hurleyville Sentinel. You can find them on Facebook and also online if you give a search. 😉

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