Morning, All!

Last night Darren and I were on our way back to his house from a day in Pennsylvania. It was about 7:30 p.m. and we had just made the turn onto the road adjacent to his when something dashed across the road in front of the car. It was tall, person-shaped. A “solid” white mist, there and gone. He stopped the car.

“Did you see that?!”

He’s the skeptic of our team, rooted in science and debunking, and questions everything. There was no questioning what we’d just seen. We sat, stunned, while trying to fathom what had crossed not a foot in front of our bumper moments before.

“Should I turn around and come back through?”

You know we did. On our slow pass back down the road we caught sight of it once more… a person-shaped misty movement on the opposite side of the road, less defined, and then gone. We decided to go to Darren’s house and returned a short while later to see if we would be lucky enough to catch it once more but this time on video. I will be reexamining the footage, but on our first look through I don’t think we got anything more than an empty road in the darkness.

Time to research the history of the road and that area. Darren seems to remember an accident near there, years ago, where someone was killed. We’ll also be returning with the team and some equipment. I’ll keep you posted.

As I update my paranormal journal with this experience, I’m also compiling ghostly experiences from people just like you. I’ve been advertising and people from all over the world are submitting their encounters with the paranormal. I’m beginning to organize those already received and it’s fascinating. The anticipated release date of “True Ghost Stories and Hauntings” is fall 2022. If you’ve had an encounter with something unexplained, head on over to and click on the “Submit” button. There are FAQ’s and a form you can fill in with your (true) story.

Book 5 of my From the Darkness series is also in the works, with a tentative title of Initiate of Darkness. Stay tuned, fans. It’s going to be a ghostly year!

Stay spooky,


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