Some darkly fascinating paranormal activity has been unfolding in these woods. I’ve changed the names and won’t give the exact location, but for those of you who know me, I’ll just say this happened – is happening – within a quarter mile of my home.

Dennis and Amanda were visiting recently and thought they’d take a hike to get some fresh air…I live down a tree lined, winding road where the deer and other wildlife far outnumber the human residents. They walked until they arrived at a small lake and spent a little time there, listening to the small waterfall and enjoying some peace. Amanda had a metal detector and noticed that across the road, up the bank, was a set of cement steps. Intrigued, she proceeded up the steps and across an old, overgrown stone foundation.

*Side note: I’ve lived here for nearly thirty years, have passed these steps for more like forty, and although I’ve always thought about investigating that site, I never have. Odd, for the investigator in me. I’ve been pondering that since these events transpired.

As Amanda walked ahead, Dennis followed, stopping at the steps. Something felt very wrong but he continued. He wouldn’t let Amanda go alone. At the top of the steps, maybe a foot or two farther, he stopped. Amanda later said she felt they were being hunted – that whatever was there could hear the beep beep beep of the detector. She shut it off and, as the beeps died down, she “felt” the thing turn to look toward her. Dennis said later that they were both staring at/seeing the same thing – a large, dark mass at least seven feet tall. To Amanda it seemed as if it had glowing red eyes. Dennis said, “Get to the car. Now.”

They booked out of the location to the car and, as Dennis drove, Amanda was watching out the back window. She was sure they were being followed. But by what??

They returned to my home, Dennis coming immediately upstairs. Amanda locked my basement door. Although she’s been here numerous times, she said she never felt compelled to the lock the door before. Ever. They are both extremely sensitive and were rattled by the experience. I asked if they wanted me to sage, even if it was only for their comfort. Amanda accompanied me to the basement and showed me that she’d set a selenite tower beside the door. I saged the room.

When I was finished, she opened the door and peered outside. She felt that whatever had followed them had backed off some but was still around.

They had to leave for home and when they did, Amanda started texting me. She had wanted to take a picture of the steps when they drove by…but they couldn’t find them. Now, I thought this was odd, but perhaps they were less familiar with the area than I am. I told her that I would take a photo for her in the next day or so. I pass them every day on my way into town.

I couldn’t find them.

On at least three or four trips along my road over the next few days, I could not see the steps. Then, when I wasn’t paying attention, they were “back.” Strange. Had they been somehow masked when my intent was focused on them? Did something so not want to be disturbed that it manifested a terrifying visage and then hid the entrance to the site?

Fast forward a few weeks…

One night Dennis started furiously texting me. Sensitive to all things ghostly, he can hear spirits. One had followed him home from the site and had been yelling in his ear for days, trying to get his attention. Raging. Angry, frustrated, upset. Dennis finally gave in and, on the phone with me, we began to piece together some of the story of the site.

It seems that the spirit, who we believe is named John, lived there. He kept telling Dennis that his wife had been raped and murdered, his son and he were killed, and he wanted justice. A lot of details were given and I have been in contact with the assessor’s office and our county historian to confirm or deny the information we have and to get more info on the site itself. The year John gave was 1873, over and over. He was a fur trader (which was a common occupation here at the time). He said he couldn’t find his family and that they hadn’t been buried properly.

John also kept mentioning that someone (Dennis or I or someone close) had a sore foot, narrowing it down finally to the big toe, left foot, and so on. It took me a few minutes to realize he was describing me. I had an injury to that toe earlier in the day and it was quite sore. His response? “Proof I’m real!”

He backed off some – said he hadn’t realized how aggressive he had sounded at first. He was happy to know we were working on trying to figure everything out for him. He popped in yet again, days later, and – in the course of the conversation – I felt him here. Now, I am sensitive but generally only feel when a spirit is around. I don’t usually pick up on what they want to say… so I grabbed some of my equipment. The Ovilus gave the name “John” and the words violent, funeral and (again) funeral. There were other, less specific, words that I will need to look into as we dive into research.

John told us that there is an entity on the site but that it hadn’t followed them. It was still there. Negative.

I’ll leave the story here for now. Was the entity there drawn to the anger John harbored all these years? Had it always there, and perhaps influenced the violent acts that occurred?

These events will be included, in more detail, in True Ghost Stories and Hauntings. I am editing the book now, but there is still time to send in your personal experience with the paranormal for possible inclusion in volume 1. The deadline is July 31st and, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

And,… for those of you fans of the From the Darkness series,… book 5 is in the works! I can’t say a lot right now… and I’ve just given you a lot to think about anyway. Just know it’s coming. I’ll update you on that soon.

Stay spooky,


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