A black form with glowing red eyes stands at the foot of a bed but its victim can’t scream.

A child is hugged by her grandfather as her family boards the plane for his funeral.

And what of the footsteps in the attic when there’s no one else home?

            True Ghost Stories and Hauntings is a collection of spine-tingling tales from everyday people and their brushes with the unexplained: apparitions, doppelgangers, menacing entities and messages from the grave. Paranormal investigator Barb Shadow gathered these experiences to give a glimpse of what hides in the shadows. Read at your own risk – and sleep with the lights on.

True Ghost Stories and Hauntings released this week to an amazing response. Have you gotten your copy yet?

. . . on to the next! (which would be Book 5 in the From the Darkness Series!)

Stay spooky,



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