“An incredible modern Gothic novel. Barb Shadow has crafted a heart pounding tale of terror and the paranormal. This follow-up to A Step Into Darkness is a must read.”                                         –  Robyn G.

New Castle Asylum. Abandoned. Renovated into a small apartment complex called Forest View. Joe Paine, caretaker and manager, begins to use the Ouija board he found on the site. He questions his sanity as something named “Black” starts to talk to him during these sessions.

Out of the Dark Paranormal, a ghost hunting team, has been called in to investigate the Jack Barnes house, site of a brutal murder. The investigation unfolds in front of Amanda, Dom and Brian as they find evidence from Barnes’ last investigation…at New Castle Asylum. The team knows what their next step must be: the asylum. Or whatever stands in its place. After contacting Paine, the team finds itself in the grips of something darker than they’ve ever dealt with before. Will they survive?