Touched by Darkness… Released!

Good morning, all! I have fabulous news, as you can see by the title of this post. Touched by Darkness, the latest title in my From the Darkness series, has been released.

I absolutely love the cover. I hope all my readers will love this newest addition to the series…

Parker Davies wakes in prison with nothing to contemplate but the years since his death and the unfinished business binding him to this realm. When yet another inmate is assigned to his cell, Park sets out to remove him as he did all the others. But this time, he finds his answer. His way to banish the demon who stole his life and sentenced him to an unrelenting purgatory.

            Amanda Harper, former paranormal investigator, has new neighbors. Lilith, an artist, and her son Tommy, a tow-headed little boy with a black cat named Jet. And secrets. Dark secrets, like the Ouija board Tommy’s new best friend told him to hide.

            When Amanda is called in to help investigate cell 113A, Park realizes she is the key to finding and annihilating the demon. But will they survive long enough to send Black back through his portal, and seal it forever behind him?

I can’t wait to hear what you think! Don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon (my typical PSA after every book release…reviews really DO help, even just one liners).

Enjoy, and I hope to hear from you soon! Investigations are in the works. Will be updating information on them soon.

Stay spooky,


The Feminine Macabre

Hello, all! It’s been crazy busy here, as usual. I wanted to hop on just to give you a taste of a few neat goings-on in the works!

First of all, I’ll be featured in the new all-female #paranormal journal The Feminine Macabre from @SpookEats with foreword by @PattiNegri! Explore women in #tarot #occult #darkhistory #witchcraft #ghosts and more! Coming March 2021 at

I will also be interviewed on Facebook Live by Amanda of Spook-Eats on March 12th at 8 p.m. Mark the date! Join us!

Book four of the From the Darkness series is well underway. The tentative title is Touched by Darkness and we have a new little person entering the scene. Little, but… well, let’s just say he’s “been around the block.” Knows a few things. Black has a much larger and more invasive presence in this book, as well. That’s all I’ll say for now. I’ve never had one of my books so completely plotted out before. This one has just taken off. Now, if I could just find a quiet couple of days to dive into it fully…

My poetry book is in the final stages of editing and I plan to release it in the next month or two. Nothing flowery here, but those of you who know me and my writing may have an idea of what to expect. Or not. You’ll just have to leave some reviews to let me know what you thought of it. 😉

I’ve been compiling ideas for short stories, too. Perhaps a collection is on the horizon, after book four is written, the poetry is published, and I’m not fully immersed yet in book five of From the Darkness. lol I still really want to put together my paranormal journal and get that into the hands of my investigative readers and friends.

Speaking of the paranormal, the team does have two investigations, as I’ve mentioned on past blogs, in the works. The winter hasn’t been cooperative between the snow and frigid temperatures (one is a re-investigation of a portion of a basement of a theatre that is unheated over winter months…). But we should be putting everything together as spring is around the corner.

Well, this was just a quick hello. Look for the Facebook Live interview and The Feminine Macabre! I’ll keep you posted on the book and investigations.

Stay Spooky!


A glimpse into book 4…

Good morning!

For all you curious peeps, here’s a quick glimpse into book 4…

As Park (remember him?) is on a mission to find Black’s board and destroy it, a small, tow-haired boy moves into the house next door to Amanda. A very knowledgeable little boy. And knowledge isn’t always a good thing.

In the meantime, Black has pulled R. Wayne McCready (does that name ring any bells, you die- hard fans?) from his grave… well, I’ll let you wonder why. Just know you should never make any deals with a demon. They always collect.

…and there you have it. Or at least a small piece of it. I hope you’re intrigued because I am having a blast with it. And, yes, I do have a vision of how this one will end. I know who will make it and who,… well,… you know the drill. Enjoy!

In a paranormal state of mind…

     Hey, all you ghost fans and paranormal enthusiasts! To catch you up since I posted last… Invitation to Darkness has been very well received and is getting some great reviews. If you haven’t picked up a copy, go for it! If you’re not afraid of it keeping you up all night…

     In the meantime, Sullivan Paranormal has been keeping busy. It’s been a little rough with the pandemic, but we have gotten out and about off, and on. Masked and socially distanced, of course.  We were finally able to present our findings from an investigation we did last January at an undisclosed location. They were remarkable and the owner has asked us to return this month to really focus on activity in a particular area. We’ve clearly picked up the voice of a little girl on the last two investigations there, increasingly interactive the second time, and hope to find out more information from her on our third visit. 

     Our team also returned to the Rivoli Theatre in South Fallsburg, New York, for a second investigation. It definitely did not disappoint. As soon as we are able to reveal our findings to the staff, I will be posting some of the EVP’s on Sullivan Paranormal’s Facebook page. Pop on over and give a listen. We will be at the Rivoli again soon for a mini investigation to corroborate some of the activity in the basement on our last visit. I’ll be able to talk more about what we found after those dates.

     Aside from ghost hunting and research, I’m working on the fourth book in my From the Darkness series. I won’t say much yet, but a new character has surfaced… and things will be getting very dark, very quickly. I hadn’t anticipated this at all when I was writing the first three, but am loving the direction this book is taking. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, too.

     A few of you have suggested that you’d like to see more discussion here about paranormal topics and I’d love to get that going soon. Perhaps I can kick off 2021 with a monthly (weekly?) blog on all things paranormal. I’m still tossing around the idea of publishing the journal of my personal experiences with things unseen, and may include highlights from the cases I’ve worked on over the years, as well. Let me know if that sounds like a plan. I’m sure I can fit a few more “to do” things into my days. A few more cups of coffee, a little less sleep. It all works, right? 🙂

     With the holidays are fast approaching, I wish each of you all the blessings of the season. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay spooky.

Barb Shadow