What was that???

Some darkly fascinating paranormal activity has been unfolding in these woods. I’ve changed the names and won’t give the exact location, but for those of you who know me, I’ll just say this happened – is happening – within a quarter mile of my home.

Dennis and Amanda were visiting recently and thought they’d take a hike to get some fresh air…I live down a tree lined, winding road where the deer and other wildlife far outnumber the human residents. They walked until they arrived at a small lake and spent a little time there, listening to the small waterfall and enjoying some peace. Amanda had a metal detector and noticed that across the road, up the bank, was a set of cement steps. Intrigued, she proceeded up the steps and across an old, overgrown stone foundation.

*Side note: I’ve lived here for nearly thirty years, have passed these steps for more like forty, and although I’ve always thought about investigating that site, I never have. Odd, for the investigator in me. I’ve been pondering that since these events transpired.

As Amanda walked ahead, Dennis followed, stopping at the steps. Something felt very wrong but he continued. He wouldn’t let Amanda go alone. At the top of the steps, maybe a foot or two farther, he stopped. Amanda later said she felt they were being hunted – that whatever was there could hear the beep beep beep of the detector. She shut it off and, as the beeps died down, she “felt” the thing turn to look toward her. Dennis said later that they were both staring at/seeing the same thing – a large, dark mass at least seven feet tall. To Amanda it seemed as if it had glowing red eyes. Dennis said, “Get to the car. Now.”

They booked out of the location to the car and, as Dennis drove, Amanda was watching out the back window. She was sure they were being followed. But by what??

They returned to my home, Dennis coming immediately upstairs. Amanda locked my basement door. Although she’s been here numerous times, she said she never felt compelled to the lock the door before. Ever. They are both extremely sensitive and were rattled by the experience. I asked if they wanted me to sage, even if it was only for their comfort. Amanda accompanied me to the basement and showed me that she’d set a selenite tower beside the door. I saged the room.

When I was finished, she opened the door and peered outside. She felt that whatever had followed them had backed off some but was still around.

They had to leave for home and when they did, Amanda started texting me. She had wanted to take a picture of the steps when they drove by…but they couldn’t find them. Now, I thought this was odd, but perhaps they were less familiar with the area than I am. I told her that I would take a photo for her in the next day or so. I pass them every day on my way into town.

I couldn’t find them.

On at least three or four trips along my road over the next few days, I could not see the steps. Then, when I wasn’t paying attention, they were “back.” Strange. Had they been somehow masked when my intent was focused on them? Did something so not want to be disturbed that it manifested a terrifying visage and then hid the entrance to the site?

Fast forward a few weeks…

One night Dennis started furiously texting me. Sensitive to all things ghostly, he can hear spirits. One had followed him home from the site and had been yelling in his ear for days, trying to get his attention. Raging. Angry, frustrated, upset. Dennis finally gave in and, on the phone with me, we began to piece together some of the story of the site.

It seems that the spirit, who we believe is named John, lived there. He kept telling Dennis that his wife had been raped and murdered, his son and he were killed, and he wanted justice. A lot of details were given and I have been in contact with the assessor’s office and our county historian to confirm or deny the information we have and to get more info on the site itself. The year John gave was 1873, over and over. He was a fur trader (which was a common occupation here at the time). He said he couldn’t find his family and that they hadn’t been buried properly.

John also kept mentioning that someone (Dennis or I or someone close) had a sore foot, narrowing it down finally to the big toe, left foot, and so on. It took me a few minutes to realize he was describing me. I had an injury to that toe earlier in the day and it was quite sore. His response? “Proof I’m real!”

He backed off some – said he hadn’t realized how aggressive he had sounded at first. He was happy to know we were working on trying to figure everything out for him. He popped in yet again, days later, and – in the course of the conversation – I felt him here. Now, I am sensitive but generally only feel when a spirit is around. I don’t usually pick up on what they want to say… so I grabbed some of my equipment. The Ovilus gave the name “John” and the words violent, funeral and (again) funeral. There were other, less specific, words that I will need to look into as we dive into research.

John told us that there is an entity on the site but that it hadn’t followed them. It was still there. Negative.

I’ll leave the story here for now. Was the entity there drawn to the anger John harbored all these years? Had it always there, and perhaps influenced the violent acts that occurred?

These events will be included, in more detail, in True Ghost Stories and Hauntings. I am editing the book now, but there is still time to send in your personal experience with the paranormal for possible inclusion in volume 1. The deadline is July 31st and, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Barb@FromtheShadowsPublishing.com.

And,… for those of you fans of the From the Darkness series,… book 5 is in the works! I can’t say a lot right now… and I’ve just given you a lot to think about anyway. Just know it’s coming. I’ll update you on that soon.

Stay spooky,


A Ghostly Update to keep you up at night…

Morning, All!

Well, we made it through Halloween! Touched by Darkness is doing well, and I’m gently nagging my readers to head on over to Amazon to leave their reviews. If you know me, you know my usual PSA…if you read a book, especially an indie book, it really helps to leave a review. Even a neutral one-liner helps. Amazon bases who sees your book on the number of reviews. The more is definitely the merrier! But I digress…

Submissions are slowly rolling in for the True Ghost Stories and Hauntings book. If you haven’t heard, I am putting together a collection of true encounters with the unexplained. Anyone who has had a paranormal experience of any kind is invited to share their experience (or experiences, send as many as you’d like) for consideration in the book. You can submit your story at my website, FromTheShadowsPublishing.com. Just click on the “Submit” button at the top of the page.

I’ve also begun plotting Book 5 in the From the Darkness series! (did I hear a “yay!” from the diehard fans sitting in the back??). This one will really get a little wild. Olivia, Tommy and Seth, all living in the same house? No spoilers for those of you who haven’t read the fourth book yet… but, wow.

Another book on the horizon is about a haunted house. It’s been tugging at me for a while, begging to be written. A unique twist, an intriguing why…and my own brand of darkness attached. If real life can chill for a bit (after the holidays, I’m sure), I’ll be adding that to my repertoire. All I need is time and a quiet house.

And the short stories! But that’s for another day.

As for the team’s investigations, well,…EVP’s should be posted to Sullivan Paranormal’s Facebook page in the next few weeks. We have a couple of sites lined up over the winter, weather permitting. I say that now, lol, but you know how things can change once the cold digs in. I’ll keep you updated.

Personal paranormal experience-wise, things have been ramping up a bit. Mainly at my boyfriend’s house (he’s got a ghost cat that I’ve felt jump up on the bed numerous times and last weekend I actually heard meow). Here, though…the other day, while putting things away in the kitchen, one of my cabinet doors swung shut. Yeah, yeah, you say. It can happen. Well, not here. Two cabinets were open and, as I stood about four feet away, one closed. I took it in for a moment or two, then went over and tried to recreate it. See if it could or would swing on its own, banged other cabinet doors, hit the counter, stomped my feet (none of which had happened, but I had to test various scenarios). Nothing I tried would do it, and, of course, I know my cabinets. I’ve lived in this house nearly 28 years and they just don’t move.

Well, it’s time to start my day. A lot to do, and maybe even some writing. 😉

Stay spooky,


Paranormal Excitement…gather ’round!

Good morning, all!

Fall is here…my favorite time of year for all things ghostly. Not only is Halloween just around the corner, I’ve got some exciting news and announcements. First, the From the Shadows Publishing website is up and running! You can find it (and please do!) at http://FromTheShadowsPublishing.com. You can find updates on my novels, upcoming events (like the book signing that is being arranged at the Ithaca Barnes and Noble…stay tuned!), info on Sullivan Paranormal, book recommendations and ***information on how to submit YOUR personal paranormal experiences for my upcoming book, True Ghost Stories and Hauntings.*** I am compiling an anthology of experiences with the unexplained and would love to hear from everyone. All the submission details are on the site and, if you do have any questions, you can contact me there. I’m so excited to be putting this together. True ghost experiences have always been my passion and I can’t wait for you to share yours.

Secondly, (is the anticipation building??), Touched by Darkness is nearly here! The cover has been finalized and is hauntingly gorgeous. Beautifully terrifying. I am on the *FINAL* read-through. Although life has its way of popping in to slow things down, if all goes well, book four in the From the Darkness series should go live on Amazon by October 18th. Fingers crossed, it’ll be in all your hot little hands before Halloween. Perfect timing for a chill up your spine. Don’t forget to leave the lights on when you get into bed. You may want them.

There are still more things going on behind the scenes here…fall investigations and reveals with the team. I’ll be posting EVP’s and such on Sullivan Paranormal’s Facebook page within the next few weeks. And,…book five in the series is already taking shape.

I’ve got to run if all these things are going to fall into place. Check out http://FromTheShadowsPublishing.com and submit your paranormal experience. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Stay Spooky,


Ghostly Happenings and Book Updates

Good morning!

I know, I know…It’s been a while. A long while. No excuses anymore, except on April 16th, 2021, I released Among the Dying Violets, my first poetry collection. It’s not in the paranormal vein, but are poems that have been rolling around my laptop for some time now. One night I read them to my oldest daughter, and her response was, “Mom! Were you going to Emily Dickinson me?? Publish them!” So, I did. The result was this:

Among the Dying Violets is Barb Shadow’s first collection of poetry. Described as raw and emotive, the collection moves through the themes of death and love with the passion of one who has lived through the worst and, eventually, best of times. In the span of three years, Ms. Shadow lost her mother, father and husband. Already a writer, she wove her emotions into words and chronicled the time from grief to acceptance, to strength. Among the Dying Violets spans this time from loss to finding love again. Truly inspirational, there is hope. A light at the end of the tunnel. A bloom among the dying violets.

If you’ll notice (blush, blush) there is another Readers’ Favorite five-star review emblem.

While I was at work getting Violets tweaked, I also finished the first draft of Touched by Darkness, book four in my From the Darkness series. I am finishing the first major read-through and edit, after which it will move on to my beta readers. My goal is to have it released by October 1st, to give all my diehard fans some chills for the Halloween season. I’d love to throw out some teasers, but I think I’d end up giving away too much of what has turned out to be a twisted continuation of the series. I will say that Black has taken under his wing a protégé, Amanda Harper’s four-year-old new neighbor. Parker Davies (remember him?) is on a mission to avenge Jack’s death…and his own. And R. Wayne McCready has been pulled from the grave by Black to…cause a little chaos. Oh, this can’t be good. That’s all I’ll say for now.

But what about the ghosts, you ask? Well, the team and I have not only been getting quite a number of investigations scheduled, we just recently completed the latest at the Rivoli Theatre in South Fallsburg, New York. We’re looking at about ten more hours of audio/video review, but from what I’ve looked at already, it did not disappoint. Again. It’s a beautiful, old theater with a lot going on when no one’s around…and often times when people are in the building. Once we’ve gone through the evidence we’ve collected, I will be posting EVP’s on our Sullivan Paranormal Society page on Facebook. You can check out EVP’s from prior investigations in the meantime.

Well, I must get back to editing. I hope to post again soon.

Stay spooky,

Barb Shadow

The Feminine Macabre

Hello, all! It’s been crazy busy here, as usual. I wanted to hop on just to give you a taste of a few neat goings-on in the works!

First of all, I’ll be featured in the new all-female #paranormal journal The Feminine Macabre from @SpookEats with foreword by @PattiNegri! Explore women in #tarot #occult #darkhistory #witchcraft #ghosts and more! Coming March 2021 at spookeats.com.

I will also be interviewed on Facebook Live by Amanda of Spook-Eats on March 12th at 8 p.m. Mark the date! Join us!

Book four of the From the Darkness series is well underway. The tentative title is Touched by Darkness and we have a new little person entering the scene. Little, but… well, let’s just say he’s “been around the block.” Knows a few things. Black has a much larger and more invasive presence in this book, as well. That’s all I’ll say for now. I’ve never had one of my books so completely plotted out before. This one has just taken off. Now, if I could just find a quiet couple of days to dive into it fully…

My poetry book is in the final stages of editing and I plan to release it in the next month or two. Nothing flowery here, but those of you who know me and my writing may have an idea of what to expect. Or not. You’ll just have to leave some reviews to let me know what you thought of it. 😉

I’ve been compiling ideas for short stories, too. Perhaps a collection is on the horizon, after book four is written, the poetry is published, and I’m not fully immersed yet in book five of From the Darkness. lol I still really want to put together my paranormal journal and get that into the hands of my investigative readers and friends.

Speaking of the paranormal, the team does have two investigations, as I’ve mentioned on past blogs, in the works. The winter hasn’t been cooperative between the snow and frigid temperatures (one is a re-investigation of a portion of a basement of a theatre that is unheated over winter months…). But we should be putting everything together as spring is around the corner.

Well, this was just a quick hello. Look for the Facebook Live interview and The Feminine Macabre! I’ll keep you posted on the book and investigations.

Stay Spooky!


A glimpse into book 4…

Good morning!

For all you curious peeps, here’s a quick glimpse into book 4…

As Park (remember him?) is on a mission to find Black’s board and destroy it, a small, tow-haired boy moves into the house next door to Amanda. A very knowledgeable little boy. And knowledge isn’t always a good thing.

In the meantime, Black has pulled R. Wayne McCready (does that name ring any bells, you die- hard fans?) from his grave… well, I’ll let you wonder why. Just know you should never make any deals with a demon. They always collect.

…and there you have it. Or at least a small piece of it. I hope you’re intrigued because I am having a blast with it. And, yes, I do have a vision of how this one will end. I know who will make it and who,… well,… you know the drill. Enjoy!

In a paranormal state of mind…

     Hey, all you ghost fans and paranormal enthusiasts! To catch you up since I posted last… Invitation to Darkness has been very well received and is getting some great reviews. If you haven’t picked up a copy, go for it! If you’re not afraid of it keeping you up all night…

     In the meantime, Sullivan Paranormal has been keeping busy. It’s been a little rough with the pandemic, but we have gotten out and about off, and on. Masked and socially distanced, of course.  We were finally able to present our findings from an investigation we did last January at an undisclosed location. They were remarkable and the owner has asked us to return this month to really focus on activity in a particular area. We’ve clearly picked up the voice of a little girl on the last two investigations there, increasingly interactive the second time, and hope to find out more information from her on our third visit. 

     Our team also returned to the Rivoli Theatre in South Fallsburg, New York, for a second investigation. It definitely did not disappoint. As soon as we are able to reveal our findings to the staff, I will be posting some of the EVP’s on Sullivan Paranormal’s Facebook page. Pop on over and give a listen. We will be at the Rivoli again soon for a mini investigation to corroborate some of the activity in the basement on our last visit. I’ll be able to talk more about what we found after those dates.

     Aside from ghost hunting and research, I’m working on the fourth book in my From the Darkness series. I won’t say much yet, but a new character has surfaced… and things will be getting very dark, very quickly. I hadn’t anticipated this at all when I was writing the first three, but am loving the direction this book is taking. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, too.

     A few of you have suggested that you’d like to see more discussion here about paranormal topics and I’d love to get that going soon. Perhaps I can kick off 2021 with a monthly (weekly?) blog on all things paranormal. I’m still tossing around the idea of publishing the journal of my personal experiences with things unseen, and may include highlights from the cases I’ve worked on over the years, as well. Let me know if that sounds like a plan. I’m sure I can fit a few more “to do” things into my days. A few more cups of coffee, a little less sleep. It all works, right? 🙂

     With the holidays are fast approaching, I wish each of you all the blessings of the season. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay spooky.

Barb Shadow




Invitation to Darkness… RELEASED

Good afternoon, All!

Just had to jump in to let you know that Invitation to Darkness launched today! You can find the paperback and eBook versions on Amazon….(the two should be linked in the next 24 hours or so). In the meantime, I’m attaching their links to make things a little easier.

Invitation to Darkness, paperback edition

Invitation to Darkness, ebook edition

kindle VERSION jpg


Let me know what you think and please, feel free to leave a review on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or deep. Even an “I liked it” or “I didn’t care for it” is fine. The reviews really do help authors and I would truly appreciate all your comments.

Thanks and stay spooky,



“Invitation to Darkness” update, ghost hunting on the horizon and a little Ghostly Memoir…

Evening, All!

Well, I’ve done the final (yes, you read that correctly!) proofread of Invitation to Darkness and my next post will be letting everyone know when it’s up on Amazon! I’m really excited to share it with you. We delve deeper into the history of the dark entity, and the person who set the ball rolling, bringing him into this realm. To give you a little taste of what’s to come, here is the blurb from the back of the book:

   Joe Paine, deceased caretaker of Forest View Apartments, is lost. Alone. Screaming to be heard. Desperate to escape the fate imposed by the demon called Black. He finds himself beside the gravestone of James ‘J.P.’ Borden, a man who knew the entity all too well.

       Amanda Harper is seeking a fresh start, away from the reminders of the brutal murder of her brother on their last paranormal investigation. She moves into an old Victorian house with a small family cemetery behind it. The Borden family, with one stone separate from the rest.

       When the Ouija board Joe used, Black’s board, lands in her possession, Amanda knows she must find a way to send the demon back to his realm. Revoke the invitation that was extended so long ago. Can she survive confronting the entity on its own territory? Or is she be doomed?

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this ongoing saga. One thing you can help me with, though, is a title for the series itself. Any thoughts? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Oh, and is there a fourth book, you’re wondering? Well,…I already know how it ends. I just have to write the rest of it, lol.

As for Sullivan Paranormal, we are scheduling investigations. Covid-19 did put them off a bit, as it has everything else, but we’re getting there. In the next two to three weeks, we’ll be re-investigating a very active building. I’ll let you know where and what we find after the investigation is complete. We have a few other sights lining up that you’ll find very interesting, as well. Information to come soon.

The team is still waiting to show our evidence from a private investigation in January to the owners of the property. Although I can’t divulge where we were, the EVP’s we collected were astounding. It was our second investigation of the site and it seems the spirits are getting used to us being around as one of the clearest EVP’s says, “Merry Christmas from each of us.”  I was surprised, too. Clear and quite a sentence to catch. Intelligent. I think one of the things that is especially helpful is that our team goes into every investigation with respect. We never taunt or provoke. I’m hopeful that we may be able to post some of the EVP’s on Sullivan Paranormal’s Facebook page. We’ll see. Along with that EVP, I left a voice recorder running at base camp. We were chatting and relaxing between sessions and there is a spirit, clearly heard, commenting on our equipment. Very cool. And yes, I’m sure we’ll be headed back there for a third investigation.

I know I said I’d update my “Ghostly Memoir,” and I have so many stories for you, but I’m exhausted. That will be my next post, along with the date you can get your copy of Invitation to Darkness. I may even post the sketch of my next painting. It’s a little different from what I’ve done in the past. You’ll have to let me know what you think!

Stay safe, stay well. Stay spooky!


Welcome Back, Paranormal Fans!!

Hey, All,

Geez, it’s been a long time since I’ve written. We headed into the holidays with some great ghost investigations with the team. After presenting our evidence from the private location to the owners, we set the date for a second, more in depth, investigation. It didn’t disappoint. The voice of the child was again recorded in a room where two of our team members could sense something present. While in another part of the building, where we had set up our base camp and a spot to have some coffee to keep us going through the night, there were EVP’s picked up as we looked through our equipment cases. It seems one spirit was very curious about the technology we had with us!

That said, we are still waiting to present our evidence to the owners as COVID-19 hit and delayed, well, everything. Here, we rolled into mid-March with schools and businesses closed, and I was editing Invitation to Darkness with all my kids at home. I’ve also been putting together a book of poetry and compiling my paranormal journal with some of our investigation highlights with the thought of publishing some “true ghost” stories that I’ve experienced. The unrest in the world has slowed my progress but not my passion. Now that things seem to be opening up a bit, hopefully we’ll all be back on track soon.

At the moment I’m waiting for my proof copy of Invitation to Darkness to arrive. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the first book in the series, A Step Into Darkness, follows Jack, a paranormal investigator, into an abandoned asylum. Something follows him home and he is in a battle for not only his life but his soul. Shifting to Black, book two, finds the caretaker of newly renovated apartments on the site of the old asylum battling inner demons and questioning his sanity as the dark entity takes hold. The third book in the series, the upcoming Invitation to Darkness, takes us into the history of J.P. Borden, the man who believed he was cursed and spent his life trying to “uncurse” himself. He befriends what he thinks is a helpful spirit through a Ouija board he finds at a yard sale. Well, you know who his “friend” actually is. As this unfolds in the past, Amanda and Mabel are confronting the demon in the present. Who will survive? Well, as soon as I approve the proof, you’ll be able to find out!

The team and I are starting to schedule investigations into the fall and beyond, with our eyes on some very interesting and active sites. If there are any that you’ve heard of and think we should look into, feel free to drop me a note with your suggestion. My goal is to update this blog once a week with what is going on in the ghostly, and writing, world. As I said, that’s my goal. lol  Maybe I should shoot for once a month, but I’m going to try to hit Fridays as the “update day.” As always, if you have any questions regarding ghostly activity or investigating, ask!

Well, as usual, work calls. Stay well and stay spooky.


P.S. Book Four has begun….