Good morning, all!

Fall is here…my favorite time of year for all things ghostly. Not only is Halloween just around the corner, I’ve got some exciting news and announcements. First, the From the Shadows Publishing website is up and running! You can find it (and please do!) at You can find updates on my novels, upcoming events (like the book signing that is being arranged at the Ithaca Barnes and Noble…stay tuned!), info on Sullivan Paranormal, book recommendations and ***information on how to submit YOUR personal paranormal experiences for my upcoming book, True Ghost Stories and Hauntings.*** I am compiling an anthology of experiences with the unexplained and would love to hear from everyone. All the submission details are on the site and, if you do have any questions, you can contact me there. I’m so excited to be putting this together. True ghost experiences have always been my passion and I can’t wait for you to share yours.

Secondly, (is the anticipation building??), Touched by Darkness is nearly here! The cover has been finalized and is hauntingly gorgeous. Beautifully terrifying. I am on the *FINAL* read-through. Although life has its way of popping in to slow things down, if all goes well, book four in the From the Darkness series should go live on Amazon by October 18th. Fingers crossed, it’ll be in all your hot little hands before Halloween. Perfect timing for a chill up your spine. Don’t forget to leave the lights on when you get into bed. You may want them.

There are still more things going on behind the scenes here…fall investigations and reveals with the team. I’ll be posting EVP’s and such on Sullivan Paranormal’s Facebook page within the next few weeks. And,…book five in the series is already taking shape.

I’ve got to run if all these things are going to fall into place. Check out and submit your paranormal experience. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Stay Spooky,


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